Donkey Care

Hoof Care

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Most donkeys need their hoofs trimmed at 8-12 weekly intervals determined by seasonal conditions and the ground conditions where the donkeys live.

Donkeys coming in to GSDS with horrific hoof problems are attended to weekly, or even more often if needed, until the hooves are at least level enough for them to stand upright in comfort. The old saying “no foot – no horse” equally applies to donkeys and it is of the utmost importance that feet/hooves are in good condition and are trimmed at the correct shape and angle for donkeys.

We only employ qualified farriers for this specialised work. New or experienced horse farriers who are unfamiliar with donkeys’ feet are first briefed about the differences between horse and donkey hooves and are shown the correct donkey hoof conformation and angles prior to commencing work with the donkeys.

It’s most necessary that they understand these very important differences. Hoof ointments/oils/dressings as well as antibacterial and antifungal sprays and powders are essential hoof care products which must be kept on hand at all times.