Donkey Care


The best food for donkeys is gained through grazing on natural grasses and coarse herbage. The quality of available pasture determines whether a supplement of straw and or hay is necessary. Depending on the pasture, this feed supplement may be needed all year round or just  in times of drought, flood or during winter.

Some donkeys require hay and chaff every day due to dental abnormalities and chaff is essential daily food for old donkeys.

Dietary additives are fed according to age, size, individual circumstances and condition of the particular donkey in need. The young, the aged, pregnant jennies, or ailing donkeys require special attention to their diets.

Hay and straw is purchased in bulk, usually in summer when the cost is not as great as in winter. Carrots, apples, pears and sometimes pumpkin or zucchini are fed as treats. Good quality eating straw is available in feeders at all times as an important source of roughage.