Oliver arrived at GSDS in 2009 as a 3 year old Jack. Dear sweet little Oliver looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth however once you tried to catch him and put a head stall on him everything changed, this dear little pet was a Dr Jeckel  and Mr Hide! We realised right from the start just how intelligent and how manipulative he could be. He would trick you into a false sense of security and then run off and laugh at you. This had to stop! Oliver definitely needed a lot of education and needed to learn his manners – URGENTLY!

 Upon arrival he was placed in quarantine area. Our vet was summoned to attend to his operation. Once he was gelded his attitude changed dramatically. Following his operation, Oliver’s training began and it wasn’t long before he realised that good little boys get along a lot better in life than naughty boys!

 It didn’t take long for his real personality to shine through and as time went on he has settled in but he still had an opinion on everything. He will remain at the sanctuary until he is more trustworthy with people. He certainly is not dangerous, it is that he is very intelligent and still has more manners to learn. As he becomes older and more settled all this will fall into place. All donkeys are different, each has their own personality, and Oliver just needs a little more training/persuasion to be on his best behaviour with humans at all times. Once the penny drops all will be fine. It is these intelligent donkeys who need that little bit more time to learn that no matter what, the human is always the boss, not the donkey.