Buttons was rescued in February 2015, from a 100 acre property near Armidale. The team from GSDS Inc. drove to Armidale from Glen William to rescue her. After a massive 16 hour day, the team arrived home safely with Buttons in the Sanctuary float.

Buttons hadn’t been cared for during most of her 27 years, having just wandered around in the paddock with the cows. There was so much work to get her physically well again. Initially she needed dental work so she could chew properly. Her feet needed x-rays and a lengthy session with the farrier under anesthetic. She was riddled with lice and had a high level of worm infestation, so needed delousing and worming. Her skin had been burnt with chemicals resulting in parts of her back being bald and will never grow hair. She was, to put it mildly, a sad little donkey.

Despite her neglect, she has endeared herself to everyone at the Sanctuary, displaying a loving and trusting nature.

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