A visit from the Chiropractor

We wish to thank Equine Chiropractor Neil Gregory and acknowledge his dedication, time and energy in attending to the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary donkeys, both in the ICU and others in the special care group.

Neil travels up from Sydney to volunteer his valuable services. Lately he has made several trips to tend to a few donkeys requiring a bit more care and attention, and also some new arrivals including Pinkie Leigh and Jacko who were desperate for some pain relief.

Neil has been kind enough to come more often during the past three months when various donkeys required his attention. The difference in the donkeys after his visits is amazing and noticeable. We are sure they are most grateful to him – the looks on the donkeys’ faces whilst receiving treatment shows they enjoy his touch and manipulation. We tell the donkeys they are very lucky – we know they know it!

Each donkey is assessed and treated accordingly. After the individual consultations we have seen considerable changes to the crippled donkeys and the aged ones with arthritic problems.

We would also like to thank Neil’s Mum and Dad, Christine and Martin, who come along to help out. Christine keeps records for each donkey and Martin is a master all-rounder assistant who can put his hand to anything when asked to do so. Both Martin and Christine love the donkey and we are so grateful they do!  We thank them for their time and love for the donkeys, and we appreciate all they do to help these dear donkeys who benefit from their expertise.